Alien Things – Global Game Jam 2018


Alien Things is a 4 player game, where the humans work together to  defeat the alien player. It is played with 3 controllers and one keyboard input.

One the game, I worked on input handling, multiplayer controls, character-mechanics, and user interface elements.

I used an API called InControl to handle input mapping for keyboard and controllers, which is faster than using Unity’s own input mapping. This helped me with keeping all the controller input mapping unified with the players through scene transitioning and game-play.

For character mechanics, I worked on handling how the character moves, linking it with character animations and the camera. I used Unity’s physics rigidbody movement to move the characters around. One of the challenges here was setting up this was that the camera stutter due to following the character movement being calculated at a different time then the camera movement. To fix this, I made sure to update the character after all movement was calculated in the engine execution pipeline.

You can get download a copy of the game here

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