Learning Material

Currently, I am learning Data Structures and Algorithms from a variety of sites and Youtube. I really like Khan Academy because its a bit less technical and gives a lot of examples to use these Algorithms. It uses Javascript as a programming language, but it provides a lot of pseudocode so you can implement the knowledge in any language.

Link to Khan Academy Here

A couple of great Youtubers that I’m currently viewing to help are

MyCodeSchool – Link Here

One of the great things about his youtube channel is that he likes to apply a lot of analogies to better understand the content he is teaching.

HackerRank – Link Here

I haven’t started watching her videos right now, but I have been told that she’s really great if you feel stuck with learning the content. She is also the author of “Cracking the Code Interview” so give that a read if you are looking to apply for any developer jobs.

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