Learning Material

Currently, I am learning Data Structures and Algorithms from a variety of sites and Youtube. I really like Khan Academy because its a bit less technical and gives a lot of examples to use these Algorithms. It uses Javascript as a programming language, but it provides a lot of pseudocode so you can implement the... Continue Reading →

Learning A* Pathfinding

I am currently learning how to implement A* pathfinding into my platformer game. As I’ve learned so far, A* uses an algorithm to find the shortest path to the target (the end node). What I want to do is to implement movement mechanics into the algorithm to create the best path to the target. There... Continue Reading →

Communication is key

GameDev.net Article - Communication is a Game Development Skill If you are new or studying to learn to become a person industry, I highly recommend you go over to the article and read about it. Communication is a highly valued skill in any industry but it's barely even touched in most game development careers.

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